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Our Commitment

We will work with you, our customer, to design tailored training and capability development programs to meet any specific needs and to then manage the delivery of the service with total transparency to exceed your expectations.

Wherever necessary we will engage in a structured process of knowledge transfer to ensure that your organisation is ultimately empowered to deliver on its own requirements.

Our commitment to people, quality, safety, health and the environment is total and of paramount importance when working on-site at our customers facilities.

In addition, all of our senior executives live and work in the Gulf region and have made their commitment to building a strong and successful local company.

Latest News

  • December
    November 2015 - The first Program Management Review (PMR) under the OPM-SANG Contract has been successfully held in Queensland, Australia, with...
  • June 2015 - STA is 10 years old in the UAE!! Established in Dubai in June 2005 (having been founded in Australia in 2003). Congratulations to a...
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Our Services

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STA is an ISO Quality Management System Certified Company - Dedicated to the Provision of Customer Satisfaction.